Drew Ames, CEO

Drew Ames, CEODrew Ames has been an entrepreneur and a strategy consultant in the Identity and Access space since 2003. His fields of experience span from hands-on project management, analysis and architecture to sales disciplines, engagement methodology development and business development.

As CEO of Acclaim Consulting, Mr. Ames is responsible for leading and driving the success of Acclaim in many areas, including overall sales, finance, marketing & solution delivery, while improving the operational effectiveness of the organization.

Before joining Acclaim Consulting, Mr. Ames was Principle and VP of Sales / Marketing of Logic Trends. During his tenure there, the company was recognized as the industry leader in IAM consulting, realized 35% CAGR and was successfully sold to FishNet Security in December 2011. Mr. Ames holds a BA in History from the Hampden-Sydney College and a MBA from the Pepperdine University.

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Joseph Spearin, Principal

Joseph Spearin, PrincipalJoseph Spearin joined Acclaim in 2007 focused on the delivery of enterprise solutions and solving challenging technical problems. He quickly developed a reputation in the industry as top tier expert and architect of global Identity and Access Management and Governance solutions. Currently, Joseph is a Principal at the firm and manages the financial, personnel, and business operations of Acclaim. His strategy and leadership has been an essential catalyst which has helped Acclaim grow from a startup to a leader in the industry.

Joseph received a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Plymouth State University and MBA from University of Phoenix. He is an entrepreneur at heart and has been starting business ventures since he was in high school.

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Peter Orondo, Founder

Peter Orondo, FounderDr. Peter Orondo is a seasoned technology executive, with over 15 years of experience in advisory, architecting, designing, and implementing innovative solutions in the Identity, Access and Governance space. Prior to founding Acclaim Consulting and leading it through its initial years of explosive growth, Dr. Orondo held senior positions at CA, Inc and Netegrity, Inc. He is the author of Identity & Access Management: A Systems Engineering Approach, one of the leading Amazon.com paid-in ranked books in the industry, and holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he was winner of the MIT 100K Entrepreneurship and Innovation Competition.

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Jeffrey Nibler, Vice President of API Management Division

Jeffrey Nibler, Vice President of API ManagementJeffrey Nibler is an energetic, experienced IT Leader with a proven 18 year track record in the IT application development, IT security, product development, and consulting fields. Mr. Nibler has over a decade of hands-on experience as an enterprise software developer in multiple open source and proprietary technologies, 16 years of experience managing IT teams and projects, 16 years of experience working with APIs, and over ten years of experience in IT security.

As the VP of API Management at Acclaim Consulting, Mr. Nibler is responsible for Acclaim’s API Management product and services offerings.

Prior to joining Acclaim Consulting, Mr. Nibler worked for 15 years in the IT consulting division of UPS where he managed and lead the development of dozens of customized transportation applications and APIs, and most recently worked at Verizon Telematics where he was responsible for the management, development, and security of the company’s externally facing API portfolio in the US, Canada, EU, and China.

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