Software Products

As a leading IAM System Integrator of CA products, we spend most of our time building relationships with our customers, helping solve their most critical business challenges. Often, we hear the same business challenges across our customer-base. These are the foundation for developing our products. The number one reason we have dedicated business for the CA platform, is just that, it’s a platform. The CA IMAG (Identity Management, Access & Governance) and Directory suite provides the most integrated and powerful solution in the marketplace. This platform approach provides the opportunity for an ecosystem of innovation to build. (Click links below to view PDF documents.)

The goals for our value-add products:

  • Making it easier for security products from diverse vendors to communicate
  • Creating value-add offerings that are industry and/or use case specific
  • Optimizing the settings for security products that they already have deployed
  • Streamlining the deployment and integration of CA-based enterprise security solutions