Acclaim Cloud Platform: Instructions


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    Summary and Outline: “Read Me First”

    Summary Acclaim Cloud Platform Plugin enables anyone with WordPress and modest Unix skills to run their own cloud infrastructure. Using the plugin, you will be able to spin up private server instances that are then accessible publicly via VPN. As an infrastructure plugin, Acclaim Cloud Platform is more involved than other plugins. This is because…Read More

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    Install & Configure Plugin

    Install the plugin through the WordPress Plugins Installer or upload the folder to the plugins directory of your content directory. Activate the plugin using the Plugins Menu in WordPress At this point we are done here. We cannot configure the Plugin until we deploy and configure the ACP Server. Proceed to next step.

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    Deploy & Configure Acclaim Cloud Platform

    The ACP Server is provided in a bootable ISO image created using Clonezilla You need to prepare your own server and initialize it using this image. To do this Provision a new server OS: Ubuntu 64-bit Prepare a new partition for the new server. The size should be ‘server’ size, say 100GB The absolute…Read More

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    Sandbox Integration Test

    The ACP Server comes with a fully functional Sandbox, minus the ACP Plugin. Therefore, login and add the ACP Plugin from the official WordPress site: Login to Wordpress Admin page image (by IP or a mapped DNS name)   URL: Login: acclaim Password: changeme     The Landing Page is defaulted to the Acclaim…Read More

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    WordPress Configuration

    Outline To integrate Acclaim Cloud Platform into your WordPress, we need the following items: (1) Configure the ACP Plugin to talk to the image. We covered the settings of the plugin in Step 4. The only difference is that you need to tell your server's plugin to point to the ACP image. specifically, you need…Read More