Architectural Design

Our deep expertise in deploying and supporting API Management products, combined with our proven, repeatable methodology, makes us the best resource to lead your team through the strategy and planning phase. All of our design is done with consideration for your unique requirements, custom integrations and capability to support post implementation. We have done this for years, we know the nuances, and we know what to plan for. IT organizations have found when they engage with us early, at the start of the process, that they experience a smooth process, more confidence and a better outcome.

A typical architecture and design engagement involves:

  • A thorough analysis of your current business goals and existing systems
  • Participating in joint discussion between business and security teams in order to determine a security solution that allows all business-driven use-cases to be met
  • Developing the functional requirements related to the use cases
  • Providing vendor solution selection recommendations
  • Developing the architecture and design for an optimal configuration to support the functional, technical, and security requirements
  • Documenting a plan to roll in new applications and how to expand the footprint across the enterprise