Health Check

Whether preparing for an upgrade, planning for data center moves or consolidations or just seeking an overall assessment of how things are operating, Acclaim Consulting can provide necessary guidance and recommendations on performance, availability and architecture. Our IAM HealthCheck focuses on all dimensions of the solution, including people, process, data and technology. We specialize in HealthCheck services, sometimes referred to by CA as “SPEAR”, in the enterprise security product of CA.

A typical HealthCheck for CA SiteMinder (SSO) involves:

  • Interviewing key stakeholders, both administrators and application owners
  • Conducting in-depth assessments of the environment
  • Reviewing any current and historical documentation
  • Assessing dependencies on other IAM functions (including recommendations for future state)
  • Review processes
  • Conducting a hands on assessment of the overall process, including logins and configurations, and how the team works with the product day to day
  • Documenting the current state and all underlying issues
  • Developing a plan to remedy all issues